Addison Romper ~ Palm Tree

Hey guys! So today I wanted to talk to you about one of my favorite outfits you can find at City Market Boutique! If you love it as much as I do, you can get it for 10% off at City Market using my discount code “MGRACE”. Use the discount code by sending them a picture of me in the outfit on Instagram @citymarketboutique, give them the code over the phone, or give them the code at check out in the store! I used to work at City Market and absolutely love everything they have. Unfortunately, when life and school got super busy I could not keep doing all I was doing and had to quit. But I am so happy to be working with them this way now!!

Now, let’s talk about what I am wearing. The romper is Show me your Mumu Addison Romper and the pattern is Palm Trees It is so cute and perfect for any summer vacation you have planned. It wraps up front so you can tie it however tight or loose you need to. It also has adjustable straps which are great because it does run a little big. I would suggest going down a size. I am wearing an XS and would have definitely gotten an XXS if they made one.

Okay, so this hat is so cute! The brand is Royal Standard and City Market has so many of these that have cute little sayings on them. One of the reasons I love them is because they are smaller so they actually fit on my head! I think this hat would be so cute for any beach trip. You can wear it on the beach with your swimsuit and cover up or do like I did and pair it with a casual romper or dress.

These earrings are amazing! They seriously make any outfit better. The brand is Treasure Jewels and they are 24k gold plated. I love them so much because they are pretty lightweight and you don’t even notice you are wearing earrings!

And now the shoes!! The brand is Matisse and I already have them in the snake print. They are the comfiest shoes you can have in your closet. I honestly love the brown ones better than the snake print because they really go with everything. One reason I really like these is because they are as casual as a flat but they have a wedge. I always feel better when I am wearing a heel. I guess I just like to feel taller than I am haha!

Thanks everybody for reading this post! I can not wait to show y’all more of my favorite finds at City Market! Don’t forget to use my code “MGRACE” to get this whole outfit 10% off!

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