Target Style

Hey everyone! Hope this week has been great. I have had a crazy and busy week with school (hence why I haven’t posted since Monday) so I decided to treat myself by shopping:) I “treat myself by shopping” way too much but oh well haha.. This is my Friday look and I just bought most all of it today, including the mirror!

I have been wanting a full length mirror for a while now. I have a couple that go over my closet door and bathroom door, but I wanted a different and cuter one that was solely used for outfit pictures. So here it is! It came from Target and I am obsessed. Here is the link to it

So everything that I am wearing, besides my shorts, is from Target too. Even my accessories. I know I have said this before, but Target has had the best clothes lately. I go in there almost weekly and find things! Most everything is the brand Wild Fable. Here is the link to the shirt I think this a great cute and a casual shirt. I have a lot of days where I want to be casual but still cute and this top is perfect for days like that. And it’s only $8!! That is seriously such a deal. I bought a size small.

The hat is the only thing that isn’t Wild Fable, but here is the link for it I love hats and love the way they look on other girls, but wasn’t sure if I could pull one off. I found a lot at other stores that were $100-$150, but since I wasn’t too sure about wearing one I didn’t want to spend that much. So I decided to look at Target and found this one. It’s super cute and fits great on my head.

I saw this belt and put it in my shopping cart without even thinking about it. I became immediately obsessed with it. If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s brown snakeskin. I sadly cannot find it on their website:( But I just bought it today so it is in store still! It’s brand Wild Fable and is only $15. I am wearing a size XS. I attached the link of one similar to it

The shorts are not from Target, but here is the link for them I am wearing a size 2 in them. They’re a little big, but putting a belt with them helps. They were 50% when I bought them and still are! Target has some really great denim shorts too, but since I just bought these I didn’t get any.

Though you can’t really see my jewelry in these pictures, I still wanted to give y’all the links to them. I bought this pack of earrings last week and have really loved them. It’s a mix of really cute studs that I like to wear in my second holes. Here is the link to my rings and These two packs are only $10. They also have all different sizes in each pack so you can wear them on different fingers.

Ya’ll have probably seen these shoes before, I’ve had these for a couple of months now and I have posted them on my instagram. But you can still get them from Target so here is the link I am wearing a size 6 1/2.

Thanks everybody for reading todays post. Stay tuned for more posts about some of my favorite Target finds!!

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