Herbal Dynamics Beauty

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I am so excited to be up and blogging again this week. I just had a crazy week of presentations and finals, and I did not have time to do anything else. But I am done, and I am back!

I wanted to tell you guys about this new skincare line I found. It’s called Herbal Dynamics; they use plant-based ingredients and extracts and are cruelty-free which I love! No animal testing!! They have products for your face and your body. Here is the link to their website https://www.herbaldynamicsbeauty.com/. They give 20% to their new customers, use code NEW2019 at checkout. I purchased three different products for there and wanted to share each one with you guys.

The first is their #1 best seller, Rose Water Calming Face Toner https://www.herbaldynamicsbeauty.com/products/rose-water-calming-face-toner. I use my Rose Water face spray right before I go to bed and right when I wake up. Rose Water has many benefits to it. Here are some that I find true with Herbal Dynamics Rose Water: Helps reduce any redness on the skin, leaves a smooth complexion, leaves an amazing scent on one’s skin, brightens skin in the morning. The key ingredients are Rose essential oil, Organic chamomile extract, Organic witch hazel, Organic aloe vera, Hyaluronic acid, and organic green tea extract. 10/10 would recommend purchasing this product for Herbal Dynamics.

The next product is the Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay Mask https://www.herbaldynamicsbeauty.com/collections/masks/products/cacao-chamomile-clearing-clay-mask. This mud mask helps breakouts and blackheads. It is recommended to use twice a week. I have used it once this week and loved it. It left my skin feeling so smooth and also dried out two little break out spots that I had. When using this, you want to put a thin layer over clean and dry face and avoid eye contact. The product is strong so definitely be mindful of that whenever putting it around your eyes or nose. Once the thin layer is on, you’ll want to leave it on until it is completely dry. Whenever you put it on it is a dark brown color, but once it is dry, it turns into a tan color. After that rinse it off with warm water and then pat dry with a dry washcloth. Its key ingredients are Organic Cacao powder, organic chamomile extract, natural clays, organic watercress extract, salicylic acid, and organic ginseng extract.

The last product I got is the Volumizing Lip Scrub and Mask Duo https://www.herbaldynamicsbeauty.com/collections/lips/products/volumizing-lip-scrub-mask-duo. I use this product right before doing my makeup and right before I go to bed. I use the Acai & Mango sugar lip scrub first and put a thin layer of that over my lips and then rinse off. The scrub helps rid any dead skin which helps my lipstick go on easier and smoother. After rinsing the scrub off, I use the volumizing & smoothing rapid lip mask. This is a natural lip plumper that lasts longer than any lip gloss plumper. You put a thin layer over lips and leave that on for about 5 minutes. You will feel a tingling feeling, but that means it is working. Once the five minutes is up, wipe it off with a tissue. The key ingredients in the scrub are: Acai extract, mango butter, cocoa butter, macadamia oil, pistachio oil, and vitamin E. The key ingredients in the mask are: apple extract, portulaca pilosa, peptides, and xylitol.

Thank you, everyone, for reading today’s post! If you have any questions about any of the products, please let me know:)

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