Princess Polly Finds

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great week. I just got home from the beach and wanted to share some of my favorite outfits I wore while I was there. Everything came from Princess Polly Boutique. Princess Polly has an Australian store and a US store, most of the items came from the Australian store, but a couple came from the US store. If both websites carry the item, I will link both. Sometimes if you can’t find your size at one store, you can find it at the other one.

This outfit will forever be one of my favorites. It gives me all the boho vibes, and I love it! This skirt is so fun and twirly (is that a word?) haha. Both US and Au stores carry it, but the US store has all sizes available, so here is the link. It fits true to size; I am wearing a size 0. The top is available at the US store, here. I am wearing a size 0. It has a flowy look and is longer in the back. I thought this front tuck was cute, but you could also tie it. Unfortunately, this exact headscarf is not available anymore:( But here are links to both scarf sections and the US and AU stores. You could make any of these scarfs a headscarf like this one if you want to know how to tie it as I did just ask!

This t-shirt dress is so comfortable and easy to wear! Here it is at US and AU store. I am wearing a size 0. Online it says 0-12, but whenever it came in, I noticed that the tag said XXS. So the sizes are 0=XXS, 2=XS, 4=S, and so on. Because it is a t-shirt dress, you really can decide on size by deciding how you want it to fit. The 0 fits me great and still shapes my body but also as a casual and loose look.

Another outfit I loveeee! The pants are here. I am wearing a size 0, and they are so comfortable. I paired them with this belt you can find here. Here is my top. The straps on my top are adjustable in the back. I ordered a size 2 in this, and it fits! I could have done a 0 also, so it runs true to size.

Hope you all enjoyed these outfits as much as I did!

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