Disney World Looks

Hi, everyone! Many of you saw on my Instagram stories that I was at Disney World these past few days. My mom and I went down on Friday, and we got home yesterday. It was my fall break, and we decided to spend it at our favorite place. I wanted to share my outfits and give you links to them.

Day 1! This was my outfit for Friday night. The Magic Kingdom has an event in the fall called “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.” This is an event that many people show up dressed up in Halloween costumes. We did not want to wear an actual costume, but we did want to look festive. We found these adorable tops from Etsy and were able to pick out the color shirt we wanted, and what color we wanted the pumpkin/Mickey face to be. You can find the shirts here. As you can see, we chose the black top with Metallic Rose Gold ‘print color’. We are both wearing a medium. I cut mine, so it had the cropped look, and my mom just tucked hers in. Also, my hair looks wet because it is. I rode splash mountain and got soaking wet haha!

Hello, from the Animal Kingdom! This was my favorite look from the week. I wanted to wear a Lion King shirt on this day, and whenever I found this top, I got so excited. Mink Pink, one of my favorite brands, teamed up with the Lion King and created clothing pieces that are themed, Lion King. I found the “Be Prepared” graphic tee, and it was exactly what I had in mind. You can find it here. I am wearing a medium. I purchased these cycle shorts from Lulu’s, and these are so soft and comfy! They are high waisted, so they keep everything in, haha. The link is here. I am wearing an XS.

This is my outfit for day 3. I had to wear a toy story shirt because of the new Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. You can find the shirt here. I am wearing a medium in this and cut this one also. I loved these shorts because they reminded me of the clouds on Toy Story. The shorts are here, and I am in size 24. Also, they are half off! The link to the belt is here.

This is my second day at Magic Kingdom outfit. The link to the Stitch shirt is here, and I am wearing a large. I bought a large because I wanted it to be looser because I knew I was going to wear these cycle shorts with it. Here is the link to the shorts. I am wearing an X-small.

Thanks for looking at my Disney Outfits! If any of you have any questions about my outfits or my trip, please let me know!

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