Shop My Beach Looks

Hey guys! Many of you know that I have been at the beach for the past few days. I linked one of my beach day looks a few days ago, but I haven’t linked any other posts yet. So here we go! You can find my swimsuit here. I made my first Shein purchase a few months ago and was pleased with all of my purchases. I ordered five swimsuits, and my total was only $70. I was worried they would be see-through or super small, but all of them fit fine, and all have decent material. I purchased a small in all of the swimsuits.

I talked about this face mask on my Instagram post, and here is the link to it. It makes my skin so smooth, and it smells amazing! Because it is an exfoliator, I was nervous about using it at the beach. My face had gotten so tan I was scared it would remove some of my tan. But it did not at all! It exfoliates without removing the lipid layer of the skin.

Here is one of my dinner outfits. The shirt can be found here. I love this Fortunate One top because the straps are adjustable. You can tie them up however loose or tight you need them. Here are the bottoms. I ordered this from Princess Polly to go with a completely different top. When my first shirt didn’t work with these, I paired the shorts with this one. They are high waisted and have a drawstring waist. My shoes are the Tory Burch Miller sandals. I have worn these shoes out. I have had them for almost two years now, and they never get old. They go with any outfit! I will wear mine with shorts and t-shirts and with dressier outfits like the one above. I am looking at getting another pair, but haven’t decided on a color yet. If any of you have a color suggestion, please let me know!

Here is dinner outfit number 2! I have waited to wear this outfit for so long now. Whenever I first saw it in Show Me Your Mumu’s catalog, I knew I needed it. I purchased it as soon as they put it on their website. Here is the top and here are the bottoms. I am wearing an XS in both, and they do run a little big. If XXS were an option, I would have gotten that in both. But luckily you can tighten the shorts with the belt. This outfit is such a pretty look for the summer.

Thank you all for reading todays post! I am going on another adventure next week so stay tuned for more fun posts!

My Disney Looks

Hey everyone! So I spent last weekend at one of my favorite places, Disney World!! We went to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom and had so much fun! I wanted to share with you guys my outfits:)

The picture above is in Hollywood Studios right in front of the ride Tower of Terror! My outfit was great because it was super cool and comfortable. It was pretty hot so I wanted to make sure I would as comfortable as possible. The top is from Target and I am wearing an XS. The shorts are also from Target and are great because they are a cotton-blend material. This makes them soft and stretchy but still stylish. I am wearing an XS in these shorts. You guys have seen my sneakers before. They are from Nasty Gal and are still on sale! Go get them before they are all gone. I am usually a 6 1/2 in shoes and got a 6 in these. I bought these ears from Disney a couple of years ago. You can buy them online and find them here.

Here is a little picture of my backpack. This also came from Target. I love it because it is the perfect size to keep my phone, wallet, and lipstick in. All the Disney World essentials, right? I have been collecting those pins from Disney world since I was little and decided to put them on my backpack. You find pins like this at almost any store in Walt Disney World. They have one for every character, ride, and more.

Magic Kingdom day!! I figured right in front of the castle was the best spot for a picture. Super original, right? Haha. My top is from Princess Polly and I am in a 0. Because Australian clothing lines often run small and Princess Polly is in Australia, I am always nervous about what size to order. But I have not found that their clothes run small. Everything I have ordered from Princess Polly fits true to size. My shorts are American Eagle and they’re on super sale today! They are the Mom shorts style so size down. I am 00-0 so I stuck with the 00 in these. They are meant to have the looser fit and they 100% still do even when I sized down. The belt has finally been posted on Target online. For a while I could only find it in store. I bought my ears at Disney because I wanted them to match my shoes (picture and link to my shoes is below). Here are the ears online. Also they were $30 at Disney World and are on sale for $15 online.

I snapped a picture of my shoes while waiting for our resort bus. These are from Amazing Lace. They are called dad sneakers which is funny because all the dads at Disney had shoes like this on. Minus the color obviously haha. But I love the platform sneakers! They are becoming such a trend and are super comfortable to wear when you are walking all day long.

Thank you all for reading today’s post! If any of you have any Disney trips coming up feel free to ask me any questions!! I go to Disney World more times than I should and would love to give my tips on how to have the best Disney experience:)

My Beach Day Look

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far. I am spending the next few days at the beach and could not be any happier. I love my swimsuit and all my beach day accessories and wanted to share them with you guys.

I have had this swimsuit for a couple of months now but today is my first time wearing it. I am wearing a size small and here is the link to the top and the bottom and I definitely splurged on this one but I just loved it so much that I had to have it. The bottoms are a little big, but not too bad and the top definitely runs small. Also there is no padding in the top, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

My hat, beach bag, and towel are all from Forever 21. All are super reasonable prices. Here are the links , , and

Also I have started to use this collagen called Girl and the Sea It is marine collagen that has no taste. Many of you know that I don’t eat a lot of meat. I have recently started to like sea food more and have turned into a pescatarian. So I love this because I can be a pescatarian and still use collagen. I put this in my morning smoothies or homemade acai bowls and it helps my skin, nails, and hair.

Thanks everyone for reading todays post!

Shop My Sunday Look

To Start, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I hope today has been a great day surrounded by all your loved ones. Here is a picture of my beautiful mom and me! Who else thinks she should start her own fashion blog? She is always wearing the cutest clothes!

Here is another picture of my outfit. I decided to wear the duster because I didn’t want to get cold. I am so glad I did because it helped pull my outfit together. I always love a good duster because it can go with any type of outfit and it helps make it different. The one I am wearing is Show Me Your Mumu and is actually on sale I am wearing an XS. Here is the link to my dress This is such a fun sundress that you can dress up or wear more casually with little sandals. I am wearing a size XS. You guys have all seen the boots, but I will go ahead and link them again I love these! Seriously my favorite pair of shoes that I have purchased. I am wearing my gold BudhaGirl bangles There is the link to them, but I bought mine from City Market Boutique in Valdosta! The necklace is from target I bought this a couple of months ago, and I was so excited to see they still have it online. It is such a pretty dainty necklace. I love to wear necklaces like this and drop the end under my top or dress.

Thank you everyone for reading todays blog! Hope you guys love this look as much as I did:)

My Weekend Looks

Hi, I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend. I wanted to share with you guys two of my favorite outfits from this weekend.

Here is my outfit from Friday. I spent the day getting lunch and shopping with my mom. My top is one of the Photo Series Sets from Verge Girl The tank has a drawstring in the front, so you can adjust the top however you want to. If you want more belly showing, you pull the drawstring tighter; if you want less belly showing, you can make the drawstring looser. This top is perfect for me during the summer time because it is super lightweight, but its thin and knit cardigan helps stay warm when you are inside. I get cold very easily so this allows me to stay warm inside, but also not be dying from heat while I am outside. The Photo Series Set comes in multiple colors which you can find here I am wearing size S/M in the Natural color. My necklaces are also from Verge Girl, and sadly one of them is no longer available. But here is the link to the shorter one Here are two different necklaces that are very similar to my longer one and Verge Girl is in Australia, so keep that in mind whenever you are ordering there. Do not order something from there that you need by the end of the week. My package took a little over two weeks to get here. But the clothes and jewelry were completely worth the wait! The shorts are from American Eagle I am wearing size 00.

Here is my Saturday look! My family decided to make a little day trip to Florida. We ate good food, went on a boat ride, and had ice cream. I thought this bandana top would be perfect for a day like that. It is from Nasty Gal and is now 60% off That makes it less than $10, and it is so cute! It is a bandana top, so you tie it in the back however tight or loose that you need. I have a size 0 in it, and that is exactly what I needed. Because of the open back, I wore a sticky bra with it. The shoes are also from Nasty Gal and are also 60% off (the whole store is on sale, so you’ve got to go check it out), The shoes don’t come in half sizes, and I am usually a 6 1/2. I decided to go to a 6 in the shoes because they are chunky and I am glad I did. They must run a little big because the 6 fits perfectly. My necklaces are the same ones I wore Friday, so the link for those is in the first paragraph:) These shorts are from American Eagle I love these because they are the festival shorts, which means they are a little looser than normal and I hate shorts that are super tight. I am wearing a size 0 in these and could have done a 00.

Thanks everyone for reading todays post! I hope you enjoyed these weekend looks:)

Herbal Dynamics Beauty

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I am so excited to be up and blogging again this week. I just had a crazy week of presentations and finals, and I did not have time to do anything else. But I am done, and I am back!

I wanted to tell you guys about this new skincare line I found. It’s called Herbal Dynamics; they use plant-based ingredients and extracts and are cruelty-free which I love! No animal testing!! They have products for your face and your body. Here is the link to their website They give 20% to their new customers, use code NEW2019 at checkout. I purchased three different products for there and wanted to share each one with you guys.

The first is their #1 best seller, Rose Water Calming Face Toner I use my Rose Water face spray right before I go to bed and right when I wake up. Rose Water has many benefits to it. Here are some that I find true with Herbal Dynamics Rose Water: Helps reduce any redness on the skin, leaves a smooth complexion, leaves an amazing scent on one’s skin, brightens skin in the morning. The key ingredients are Rose essential oil, Organic chamomile extract, Organic witch hazel, Organic aloe vera, Hyaluronic acid, and organic green tea extract. 10/10 would recommend purchasing this product for Herbal Dynamics.

The next product is the Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay Mask This mud mask helps breakouts and blackheads. It is recommended to use twice a week. I have used it once this week and loved it. It left my skin feeling so smooth and also dried out two little break out spots that I had. When using this, you want to put a thin layer over clean and dry face and avoid eye contact. The product is strong so definitely be mindful of that whenever putting it around your eyes or nose. Once the thin layer is on, you’ll want to leave it on until it is completely dry. Whenever you put it on it is a dark brown color, but once it is dry, it turns into a tan color. After that rinse it off with warm water and then pat dry with a dry washcloth. Its key ingredients are Organic Cacao powder, organic chamomile extract, natural clays, organic watercress extract, salicylic acid, and organic ginseng extract.

The last product I got is the Volumizing Lip Scrub and Mask Duo I use this product right before doing my makeup and right before I go to bed. I use the Acai & Mango sugar lip scrub first and put a thin layer of that over my lips and then rinse off. The scrub helps rid any dead skin which helps my lipstick go on easier and smoother. After rinsing the scrub off, I use the volumizing & smoothing rapid lip mask. This is a natural lip plumper that lasts longer than any lip gloss plumper. You put a thin layer over lips and leave that on for about 5 minutes. You will feel a tingling feeling, but that means it is working. Once the five minutes is up, wipe it off with a tissue. The key ingredients in the scrub are: Acai extract, mango butter, cocoa butter, macadamia oil, pistachio oil, and vitamin E. The key ingredients in the mask are: apple extract, portulaca pilosa, peptides, and xylitol.

Thank you, everyone, for reading today’s post! If you have any questions about any of the products, please let me know:)

Target Style

Hey everyone! Hope this week has been great. I have had a crazy and busy week with school (hence why I haven’t posted since Monday) so I decided to treat myself by shopping:) I “treat myself by shopping” way too much but oh well haha.. This is my Friday look and I just bought most all of it today, including the mirror!

I have been wanting a full length mirror for a while now. I have a couple that go over my closet door and bathroom door, but I wanted a different and cuter one that was solely used for outfit pictures. So here it is! It came from Target and I am obsessed. Here is the link to it

So everything that I am wearing, besides my shorts, is from Target too. Even my accessories. I know I have said this before, but Target has had the best clothes lately. I go in there almost weekly and find things! Most everything is the brand Wild Fable. Here is the link to the shirt I think this a great cute and a casual shirt. I have a lot of days where I want to be casual but still cute and this top is perfect for days like that. And it’s only $8!! That is seriously such a deal. I bought a size small.

The hat is the only thing that isn’t Wild Fable, but here is the link for it I love hats and love the way they look on other girls, but wasn’t sure if I could pull one off. I found a lot at other stores that were $100-$150, but since I wasn’t too sure about wearing one I didn’t want to spend that much. So I decided to look at Target and found this one. It’s super cute and fits great on my head.

I saw this belt and put it in my shopping cart without even thinking about it. I became immediately obsessed with it. If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s brown snakeskin. I sadly cannot find it on their website:( But I just bought it today so it is in store still! It’s brand Wild Fable and is only $15. I am wearing a size XS. I attached the link of one similar to it

The shorts are not from Target, but here is the link for them I am wearing a size 2 in them. They’re a little big, but putting a belt with them helps. They were 50% when I bought them and still are! Target has some really great denim shorts too, but since I just bought these I didn’t get any.

Though you can’t really see my jewelry in these pictures, I still wanted to give y’all the links to them. I bought this pack of earrings last week and have really loved them. It’s a mix of really cute studs that I like to wear in my second holes. Here is the link to my rings and These two packs are only $10. They also have all different sizes in each pack so you can wear them on different fingers.

Ya’ll have probably seen these shoes before, I’ve had these for a couple of months now and I have posted them on my instagram. But you can still get them from Target so here is the link I am wearing a size 6 1/2.

Thanks everybody for reading todays post. Stay tuned for more posts about some of my favorite Target finds!!